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Our Services

Our Services

Expert Witness 

Case Experience includes: Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Falls, Refinery Accidents, Heavy Equipment accidents, Flash fires, Electrical accidents, Manufacturing plant accidents, Offshore Jones Act, Jones Act in International waters, Arc Flash Explosions, Lead exposures, Dose reconstruction, Worker chemical exposure.

Safety Consulting

Our Core Services include: Accident Investigation, Arc Flash Hazard Assessments, Dispersion Modeling of Contaminant Plumes, Online E-learning courses, Electrical Safety, Ergonomic Evaluations, Job Safety Analysis, Lockout tagout surveys, Machine Guarding Surveys, Process Safety Management, Risk Management, Safety Audits, Site Inspections, Safety Program Development, and Safety Training.

Contest to OSHA Citations

Services to assist employers in contesting OSHA citations.  This includes analysis of citation, site inspection, research, review of OSHA policies and enforcement policies. 


Note:An informal conference with OSHA must be scheduled within 15 working days of the issuance and/or receipt of the citation. 

Dispersion Modeling

Our services include: Dispersion Analysis and modeling of scenarios  using SAFER TRACE software. Services include modeling after a major release of a chemical.  These services are also used in our Expert Witness work.

OSHA 10/30 Hour Training

Our services include teaching employees the OSHA 10 and 30 Hour course in General Industry and 10 and 30 Hour course in Construction.  Classes are taught at our facility based upon a schedule or at your facility based upon an arranged schedule.

Industrial Hygiene (IH) Technical Services

Our services include: Baseline IH Surveys, IH Program Audits, Noise testing and dosimetry, Hearing Conservation programs, and IH Program Development. 


Attorney Recommended 2017-2022

AM Best Service Provider 

Reid Elsevier

Editor and Reviewer Scientific Journals 

Editor-Data in Brief-2017-2022

Editor-Helyion -2019-2022

Editor & Reviewer-Science of the Total Environment-2006-2022


Ready to Find Out More

Contact Dr. Janine McCartney at:

Delaware Office 302-300-0135 or Houston Office 281-603-or by email ( to discuss: expert witness consulting and designated expert witness services, safety consulting services, dispersion analysis services, industrial hygiene services, contests to OSHA citation services and to schedule OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Hour training in construction or general industry. 

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