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Why Choose HHC Safety Consulting Services, Corp.?


We are well respected in the business community and are a source for safety engineering expertise and management/worker training for businesses in manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, refineries, heavy equipment.  We are well respected by workers for the quality of training we provide in our classes.  Our company, along with HHC Services, Inc. has been in business for 20 years.


We are committed to provide ethical services and expert witness services within our area of expertise to the business community, and the legal and insurance communities. We are committed to provide the best quality services to all our clients.


We are well respected by both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys in providing Expert Witness Services.  We are continually complimented on the thoroughness of our analysis, expert reports and research.  We continually hear from our clients, "That is the best expert report I have ever read." 


Why would you trust your case to anyone else? HHC Safety Consulting staff has 40 years experience in business and 28 years experience in Occupational Safety and Health.  Dr. McCartney has 28 years experience in Safety and has worked in government and private industry in oil and gas, construction and manufacturing.  She was an Adjunct faculty at Texas A&M NEERTC.  Dr. McCartney has been an Expert for all the cases listed in the case experience section of this website.  See our ads in SEAK, AM Best, Blue Book, WV Attorney Directory, Ohio Attorney Directory, Texas Attorney Directory. 


Dr. McCartney has received many awards and honors in the past 20 years both nationally and internationally. She has been recognized for her expertise, quality of work, quality of service to the business, legal and insurance industries. Dr. McCartney is an attorney recommended 2017-2020 AM Best Service Provider. See awards section of this website.

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