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Podcasts by our Expert Janine McCartney, Ph.D, MBA, CSP, CHST

April 28, 2022
Understanding the Impact of Wrongful Expert Designation

October 25, 2018
How Expert Witnesses should handle attempts to Ghost Write claims reports and the impact on liability claims.


HHC Safety Consulting Services, Corp. provides safety consulting, industrial hygiene, risk management expert witness services and litigation support to companies in the following industries: general industry and manufacturing, oil and gas production, pipelines, refineries, construction, government agencies, insurance, and the legal community.

Our clients include: oil and gas production companies, chemical manufacturing companies, Utilities, Telecommunications companies, airports, port facilities, large warehousing companies, order processing plants, asphalt plants, engine manufacturers, manufacturing facilities, Electricians servicing telecommunication towers, laundry plants, bakery and food production plants, food distribution centers, hospitals, large office complexes (1 Million square feet), telecommunication buildings, and municipal water districts.

Dr. McCartney is the proud recipient of the following professional awards and appointments:

- Qualified Member in Best's Recommended Expert Service Providers 2017-2022
- Appointed to the Editorial Board of Science of the Total Environment-2004-2022
- Appointed to the Editorial Board of Data in Brief-2016-2022

She was a keynote speaker at the 2018 World Safety Organization meeting and received the 2017 award for Outstanding Contribution in Peer Review from Reed Elsevier.

Services Rendered

  • Safety Engineering

  • Industrial Hygiene Testing and Evaluations

  • Safety Inspections

  • Safety Program Development, Evaluation and Management

  • Accident Investigation

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • Safety Audits

  • Risk Management

  • Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Expert Witness Reports, Testimony and Depositions

  • Government Testimony (State or Federal)

  • Employee Chemical Exposure Assessments

  • Toxicology and Dose Reconstruction

  • Oil & Gas Production

  • Oil & Gas Safety (Onshore and Offshore)

  • Pipeline Safety

  • Refinery Safety

  • Offshore Rig (MDOU) Safety Evaluations in International Waters

  • Falls

  • Construction Safety

  • Site Safety Coordination

  • Industrial Plant Accidents

  • Equipment & Machinery

  • Human Factors

  • Employee Training

  • Guarding Surveys

  • OSHA Compliance

  • Assistance with Contests to OSHA Citations

  • Electrical Safety and Risk Assessments

  • Electrocution Injuries

  • Arc Flash Analyses and Accidents

  • Flash Fires

  • Lead

  • Asbestos


Dr. McCartney is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Construction Safety and Health Technician (CHST). Dr. McCartney has 40 years experience in private industry and in government, with 25+ years in Safety Engineering. Dr. McCartney has 25+ years working with the legal community as an expert, has held safety management positions with two Fortune 300 companies, held Safety Office II position at OSHA Consultation and held an adjunct faculty position with TEEX at Texas A&M University.


Professional Memberships

  • American Congress of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

  • American Industrial Hygiene Association

  • American Society of Safety Engineers

  • Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists

  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • National Fire Protection Association

  • World Safety Organization

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Service Area

Serving the United States, South America and United Kingdom

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