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Legal Notice:

A retention contract must be signed before engagement in a case.

Deposition and Trial Testimony
Please be advised that all content contained in this website and all photographs of Dr. McCartney are the property of HHC Safety Engineering Services, Inc. and HHC Safety Consulting Services, Corp.  It is a violation of our companies copyright policy and owned company intellectual property, to use pictures of Dr. McCartney without her consent in a premade deposition powerpoint slide or a premade trial powerpoint slide, with any text that she did not approve.  Violations of this policy will be turned over to our legal counsel for further actions.  If you have used a photograph of  Dr. McCartney, that is owned by either of our companies, and without her consent on a premade power point slide in a deposition or trial exhibit, you are to cease and desist from using her image/photograph and unapproved text in a legal proceeding. 

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